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With a history of hosting the popular music industry, you know Tennessee has seen its share of surface-level fakery. The news seems to back that up, too. Whether it’s using a fake ID to withdraw cash or using fake checks, it’s all been seen and done.


Pros of Our Tennessee ID

The Tennessee state ID has the abbreviation DL printed all over it, which is short for ‘driver’s license.’ This is where most vendors slip up in their replication. They will either forget to put a period after ‘DL No’ or move the abbreviation a bit higher or lower than where it should be.

Why Should You Get One?

Tennessee fakes give you a lot of options for the next leg of your party tour, whether it’s enjoying some fried chicken in Kentucky, the brewery scene in Missouri, or even the blues bars in Mississippi.

Thermal Saturation

Saturated colors are always bad on their own, but it’s a real problem when it makes you look like you got a cheap spray-on tan. This admittedly hilarious flaw can be seen on a lot of Tennessee fakes, where the photos have an orange saturation that’s characteristic of Dorito dust or fake tans.


The scannable Tennessee id from Fakeyourid comes with a customized driving license number, multi-color printing of features.


A lot of people prefer going for Tennessee fakes rather than aiming for the big-name states as the former are always a safer bet. Sales-wise, that can end up racking some big numbers for Tennessee fake ID vendors out there.


The musical symbols & state outline makes for the holographic overlay. The lamination absorbs and prints directly on the surface of the id.


Some iconic symbols of the state are represented such as the Tennessee DMV logo, skyline.


Clearly, Tennessee cares a lot about policing those who’d use fakes. Just last year, the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security hired people as driver’s license examiners. That doesn’t say too much, but it does tell you they might have some big plans. As for bars and clubs, it’s all standard affair for catching fakes.

Tennessee isn’t just all whisky and country songs; the state has a lot to offer for the partying crowd as well. There’s an ever-present clubbing scene here which is great for drinking, dancing, and meeting new people. Don’t be worried about your age. Just grab that fake and go to town.

3 reviews for Tennessee

  1. Robbie

    Good quality and came with a free duplicate. It scans and has a barcode with a magnetic stripe.

  2. Rainman

    Purchased and delivered in 5 days with rush delivery. One of the best Tennessee ids.

  3. Olsen22

    FYD ids work out of state. They recommended me to purchase this Tennessee license using Bitcoin. The purchase was smooth and delivered in 5 days.

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