Iowa fake ids get a good turnaround from the student circuit. After all, when your nearest neighboring states only have a rural outdoorsy culture, it can be a bit boring and impossible for a full-time student. That’s why they opt for boozing it up as their pastime which leads to fast ID sales.


Pros of Our Iowa ID

With such a wide number of special features out there like ink changing logos, UV marks, and holograms, you’d expect stuff like printing to be perfected. However, the reality is different. If it’s not the wrong size or font, it’s the fact that ID lettering can get inconsistent printing in the process.

Why Should You Get One?

Iowa has a notable amount of fake ID use by students in the area. It’s used on campuses across the states to score a quick brewski or two. Most notably, it was done by a local teen to impersonate McLovin.

Eclipsing Holography

Holograms add an extra layer of security and manage to thwart low-tier fakes. When they try to incorporate holograms anyway, they end up with botched jobs. You will see this on a lot of IA fakes whose holograms cover a lot of the detail underneath them.


The scannable Iowa id from comes the state outline & flower Prairie rose in ultraviolet holography. Despite being a rural farmland with a not-so-solid ID template, it’s easy to slip up with Iowa fakes. You will know right away when that happens.


Availability is one of the major pros of going for an Iowa fake ID. Since the template is beginner level, it’s used by a lot of vendors when starting out. You can expect to find this ID being faked practically anywhere.


Every Iowa id comes with the measured thickness & signature. The size and dimensions of the Iowa fake ids are double-checked by our testing equipment.


The premium-grade Polycarbonate absorbs the laminated holograms quickly. The fine-cutting machines at our disposal finishes the id in style with sharp edges.


What could one expect from a state that prides itself on being the top corn and pork producer? Well, not much in the day. But when the sun sets and the glowsticks come out, that’s when Iowa gets a new look – one that you can enjoy with a bottle of booze or two. Just be sure to keep your fake ID locked and loaded.

The law cracks down hard in Iowa, especially Iowa City. You can expect to get busted if you are a student in bars near some educational institution. Cops usually confiscate IDs and send them back to the DMV to suspend your actual license. We only use premium elements to blend in our fake ids.


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