Rhode Island


Rhode Island fake IDs are a hot deal on any given day because of their relatively low price tag. The state is also nothing but a stone’s throw away from Philadelphia, where these IDs really get their time in the sun.


Pros of Our Rhode Island ID

In Rhode Island, it’s usually the bars that get the raw deal. Major cities in Rhode Island like Providence have seen bars get shut down because of their patrons’ actions. That doesn’t mean you won’t get caught. Just that you might get off a little easy.

Why Should You Get One?

Sales remain pretty high for Rhode Island fakes because of their affordable price and their close proximity to Philadelphia and its year-round events and parties. Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut aren’t too far either. Reliability tends to be at an all-time high as well. All this means great sales for the Rhode Island fakes being offered by vendors.

Low-intensity Brightness

UV is a simple enough feature to put on an ID. All you need is the appropriate light, and you can sniff out the seal of approval on the ID. Rhode Island fakes have had UV features that don’t shine up as much and look a little light almost like they’re bathed in a bit of sunscreen.


The scannable Rhode Island id from Fakeyourid comes with a properly formatted license number and customized dob with signature.


Our fake id for RI comes with a scannable inventory number & barcode generated with the id holder credentials. The Rhode Island state ID has a printed pattern that stars in the background and follows through over the portrait. The fakes try their hand at replicating this too. Where they fail is not fading it like the actual ID and just letting it rock on your portrait like you have chickenpox over your face.


The Newport bridge with our Rhode Island id prints under uv ink & is illuminated when inspected under blacklight. Other parts of the license may show UV features.


The iconic scenery of sandy shores & lighthouse depicts the Colonial symbols of the state.


Rhode Island has seen the effects of getting duped firsthand. This state has had everything, from bars getting shafted over a few belligerent drinkers to criminals running bogus plates on their rides to avoid getting tagged by the cops.

Rhode Island can’t compare to your average metropolitan state’s nightlife scene, but if you are willing to go a little more niche, there are plenty of breweries and budding EDM scenes to keep you on your toes. Literally.


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