You get to see your fair share of fake IDs in Maryland. There have been many reports of people getting carded and caught or getting into full-on thuggery with bar brawls, earning them a one-way ticket into the popo car.


Pros of Our Maryland ID

Maryland has been a popular pick for its usefulness. The state is in close physical proximity to two major drinking and partying hubs: New York and Philly. This makes it the go-to fake ID if you want to party in those states.

Why Should You Get One?

On the backs of Maryland state IDs, you will find a mini portrait of yourself. On official IDs, it is usually in color to match the portrait on the front. If you have ever been around the block, you know not all fakes can have the glimmer of perfection unless you buy ours.

MDOT Unique Features

State IDs always have some kind of pattern or visual design element in the back. In the case of the Maryland state ID, this is a color gradient on the middle of the backside with a yellow fadeout as it reaches the sides. This can be poorly done on some fakes where the effect does not look as gradual as on the real thing.


The scannable Maryland id from Fakeyourid comes with a real id star, multiple features and license address generated by our system.


Maryland is one of America’s most secure identity cards. To fake it, we use modern equipment and trained technicians. We use multiple scanning functionalities to achieve scannable codes.


Hidden small photo of the person on the back side of the card. Multiple (MLi) & raised credentials in multiple locations on this license.


The overall features include a state seal in UV & outline.


Maryland is usually pegged as a place to get fish or natural resources. However, if you have ever had the pleasure of going downtown to the waterfront bars or the lit-up main streets, you know that Maryland is a closeted party town in sheep’s clothing.

The Maryland fakes have been a proving ground for many vendors. They have some intricate details that take a skilled hand to get done right. This also means there’s a lot of popularity for them especially among collectors.

Law enforcement in Maryland isn’t shy about making a few busts. They have had their fair share of fakers. There have been no shortages of fake ID suppliers, so police tend to stay on their toes. Bar busts, on the other hand, aren’t as common. You might end up with a confiscation if you do get caught, though.


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