Oregon has Everything from casual strip clubs to dance clubs and hookup bars await the lucky Oregon fake ID holder. Despite its appearances, Oregon isn’t just a state for enjoying sunsets and watching whales. In the late hours of the night, you can find the party scene.


Pros of Our Oregon ID

Oregon fakes have a pretty good hit ratio because of how simple they are. The template is one of the easiest out there, which means faking it is extremely easy while getting caught is rare. You can use these fakes freely without the fear of getting busted.

Why Should You Get One?

The print on many Oregon fakes has been caught as looking duller than the real thing. Where the state ID has a print that makes the ink reflect when you throw light at it, the fake ones don’t. Their ink tends to be flatter and more matte.

No Shimmer, No Shine

Holograms are the most obvious giveaways for fake ID vendors, except if you don’t know what they look like. Many fakes don’t have holos that show that characteristic rainbow shimmer when they are held up in the light. At that point, they might as well be cheap stickers.


The scannable Oregon id from Fakeyourid comes with a real id symbol, multiple holograms & complex printing with raised & engraved security features.


The Oregon id holder and credentials are encoded inside a code number printed on the back.


There are multiple holographic overlays with our Oregon id. It comes with the state bird, state motto & the shape of Oregon as holograms on the front.


The state Capitol & Oregon Grape in the shape with outline in ultraviolet ink. The back of the id comes with the Oregon seal in ultraviolet printing.


Oregon has seen a few isolated cases for fakes making the rounds, but they are more concerned about the ones who make and distribute them than a teenager using it to get their drink on. This may or may not apply to bars, depending on the city you are in. Some will give you a slap on the wrist, while others will take your fake away.

Oregon fakes have been known to have good reliability almost all the time. For vendors, they are really easy to make when the only standout security features are a few holos and a microprint of your date of birth. Combine all of that, and you have got killer sellouts.

The state has a love affair with faking it to get big. There have been countless cases of fake money being used and being caught from a drug ring member or your average JCPenney shopper. Let’s just say, people have no qualms with faking it.


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