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Whether you want to hit the Jersey beach, go to Connecticut for the bars, or just explore your options in the other northern states, a New York fake is a killer deal.


Pros of Our New York ID

New York is a prized ID for a lot of people. The template poses a bit of a challenge in faking it, which is used as an indicator for a decent vendor. This makes the ID that much more desirable (and profitable) when the right vendor comes along to offer it.

Why Should You Get One?

Pay bottom dollar for your fakes and you’ll be treated to something unbelievable…literally! See, some Alabama fakes out there just take artistic vision to do their colors differently from the real thing. A LOT different.

Improved Holograms

Holograms on IDs tend to jump out at you as a seal of authenticity, but some New York fake IDs have taken some creative license with how they should look. Mainly, you will find them having a much lighter shade than what’s usually on there.


The scannable New York id from Fakeyourid comes with a real id symbol, Multiple laser imagery & ghost window to appear like a real license.


The use of ultraviolet pattern and raised printing is popular among NY ids. We use authentic equipment to raise-printing certain credentials on your id. We also have the ability to install custsom signature to your ids.


The iconic coat of arms & statue of liberty are the graphical representation of the state symbols.


Yellow is never a good omen for anything. That applies to anything like your teeth, your plastics and, of course, your fakes. Counterfeit id services make the common mistake of adding a bit of yellowish tint to the whole NY fake ID. Unlike our ids which are an exact match when it comes to color texture.


The Big Apple is all about the nightlife. It’s the state that never sleeps, after all. It only makes sense that the night dwellers have a little fun for themselves. Getting to experience the variety of clubs and bars before hitting 21 is a passion project for any fake ID holder.

When crime is a regular addition to your little corner of the world, crimes regarding fakery aren’t too far behind. Forging checks and getting bogus licenses are just a walk in the park. Your day would be incomplete without seeing any of this happen at any time of the day… or night.

If you have read the news in the past couple of weeks, you know New York’s cracking down hard on fakes. The state is working with the verification app Intellicheck to verify all its IDs, which can only mean more and more confiscations. Both the police and local bar owners work with the DMV to thwart fakes on the streets.

2 reviews for New York

  1. Ron

    Everything about this forged id is right. The ultraviolet ink has a good texture and overall font matching with signature looks good.

  2. GeorgeS

    New York counterfeits are usually low-quality and printed on Teslin. FYD’s NY id has a balanced Polycarbonate sheet and laminated with premium sleeves. This is worth the price.

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