New Hampshire


For the upper west side of the US, New Hampshire fake ID is the ID of choice. It handles states like New York, Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia well. You won’t even have to go crazy with an accent since only a portion of the state has strong accents.


Pros of Our New Hampshire ID

There’s nothing new about fakes in New Hampshire. You will see them all the time, whether you are at the DMV, the local bar, or even a restaurant. Clearly, people want to live it up here and the only way they know is by using their fakes.

Why Should You Get One?

Believe it or not, even getting the letter case right is important to fakery. It might not look odd to the average person, but if units like lbs. are written as LBS, that’s something your bouncer can catch fairly quickly. That will be your one-way ticket to getting caught.

Our ID Will Scan

It’s the little things that count when making a somewhat passable ID. Where fake ID vendors fall short is getting some of these details right. The biggest one is where they leave out things like dashes between height and weight numbers. If 5′-9″ looks like 5’9″, that’s a pretty raw deal.


The scannable New Hampshire id from Fakeyourid comes with intense engraving & embedded features. With a license number of your choice and custom signature; our ids will let you have the freedom to choose who you want to be.


The window with the person’s duplicate and smaller photo comes with (MLi) & OVD technology.


The New Hampshire Seal appears in two different positions. The holographic seals are in overlay and laminated with sleeves of premium quality.


The state flower Purple lilac in background and outline of the map in several places in ultraviolet ink.


For getting good and drunk in the northern state cluster of the US, the New Hampshire ID is killer. It’s workable and mostly unnoticed among other states. For these reasons alone, it sells quite a bit.

Sports, DJs, live music, nightclubs, and bottle service – there’s only one of these things that doesn’t come into play in the New Hampshire nightlife. The rest will fill you to your heart’s content as soon as you flash that fake.

Law enforcement for New Hampshire works pretty much the same as any other state in the area. They do schedule busts every now and then, but it’s not hot on the priority list. Bars, on the other hand, can get stingy with fakes. Bouncers might confiscate your ID to sell it back for a quick buck, or they may just hand it over to the authorities.


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