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It turns out that the state isn’t seeing all these Massachusetts fake IDs for the first time. The infamous image of Massachusetts stems from all-work-and-no-play cities like Boston. Once you start to head away from snooze fests like this, you can find some real gems like Plymouth for all your boozing and partying needs. Just keep that fake handy; you’ll need it.


Pros of Our Massachusetts ID

To get around states like New York, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, the Massachusetts fake makes a good fit. It also tends to run well as one of the more reliable fakes to fall back on.

Why Should You Get One?

You will find the birthdate printed in bold text just like a real id. These letters also happen to be raised a bit, which is a good sign for judging validity. As it just so happens, it’s also one of the things that our competitor fake id services may miss.

Background Altering

The picture on Massachusetts IDs tends to have a slightly greenish background. This is usually not replicated right on a lot of fake IDs out there. This results in IDs that are a little off their shade and hue. This is most notable on Old Iron Sides Fakes.


The scannable Alabama id from Fakeyourid comes with a blue colored initial name & multiple credentials of the person in laser-raised printing.


The ultraviolet functions of the id enables it to scan with barcode technology embraced for any scanning test.


The Black-Capped Chickadee in a metallic material and initials of date of birth & name is the main feature of this id.


Massachusetts ids are loaded with our microprinting technique and multiple locations with (MLi) imaging.


For Massachusetts law enforcement, fakes aren’t their first rodeo. There have been a few arrests for underage drinkers in the past. The police themselves don’t hold as many raids, however. It’s usually the bartenders and bar owners who make the call. Confiscation is almost a guarantee if you get caught.

The Massachusetts fake can account for a lot of sales on a good day. The fact that it is a reliable ID leads to a good run, but the big factor here is that it’s a good jumping off point for getting into the cluster of party states nearby. That means that vendors are bound to get a good dime off these IDs.

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  1. Tim

    Polycarbonate is good. The Massachusetts id from FYD comes with a free clone. Package is disguised properly and shipping is quick.

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