Mississippi fake ids are good for going from zero to shitfaced pretty quick. It’s not a hot ID on anyone’s radar, which makes it a viable fake candidate for nursing a bottle. And hey, if you want to get in and around the watering holes in the South, this is your ID.


Pros of Our Mississippi ID

Fakes have an iffy number of users in Mississippi. It isn’t too widespread to get the spotlight, but it isn’t really underground either. Lotto frauds take up more of the monopoly here.

Why Should You Get One?

Whether it’s on an ID or even on a piece of paper, a signature can go from looking like it came from the hands of an artist to a 4-year-old’s scribbling depending on its thickness. Some fakes go for the latter when they spread the signature super thin to the point where it obviously stands out when compared to the real thing.

Faultless Features

Finding faults here and there in Mississippi fakes doesn’t take a lot of effort. In fact, it’s sometimes easier to count all the things that aren’t wrong with them.


The scannable Mississippi id from Fakeyourid comes with a real id symbol and instate address generated by our software. The compact microprinting gives the id a real feeling when inspected with a magnifier.


People can be very perceptive to colors, which is why it’s so important to get them right on fakes. If you have a fake that has a certain tint on everything, including the text and picture, that’s no good. There’s no way a bouncer will buy it unless they have colored dyes smeared on their eyeballs.


The state independence date & map are in holographic overlay. There are three complete holograms on this id.


The iconic state building & Capitol & fine-line printing.


Mississippi is a ‘one size fits all’ ID for most users. It gives access to big events in New Orleans like Mardi Gras, and it’s good for strolling down to Florida and the general South. In summary, Mississippi IDs mean good sales for vendors.

Most of Mississippi law enforcement arrests for fake IDs are usually limited to immigration cases. That’s why you only hear about ICE arrests in the headlines. Granted, there is some caution with getting in and out of bars unsuspected, but it’s not numero uno on the law enforcement’s priority list.

For being the de facto birthplace of blues, you’d expect Mississippi to have a beer on tap to drown your sorrows. Well, there’s that and much more on offer if you ever get a chance to experience the state’s nightlife. Your fake ID will practically pay for itself.


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