Bar hopping and dancing in night clubs are the two popular pastimes of Kansas residents. If you want to swank up your drinking and dancing game, this is your number one destination. You just need two cards to survive here: a loaded credit card and a legit-looking Kansas fake ID.


Pros of Our Kansas ID

When you get a fake, it’s all about location and the rectangular shaped state of Kansas is prime real estate. It sits straight across the middle, so it is a good option for anyone living in the four cardinal directions of the US.

Why Should You Get One?

We use pre-made template to enter customer data . Unlike other services, using background from the main portrait is removed but is still visible on the smaller picture. This instantly ruins any chance of making the ID look real.

No Splotch & Blotch IDs

UV jobs require a lot of precision and care to make sure nothing is out of order. As it stands, Kansas fakes get the short end of the stick by rookie vendors who struggle to keep their act together. The result? Bad UV ink that is splotched and looks like an 8-year-old was in charge of the UV.


The scannable Kansas id from Fakeyourid comes with a laser-raised driving license number, date of birth & iconic symbols that represent the farming industry of the state.


Because of where the state sits on the map, Kansas is a good location for many to get their IDs. This racks up a lot of sales for prospective fake ID buyers.


Law enforcement in Kansas has been slowly wising up to the ways of fake ID use. The state recently signed a contract with the fake ID sniffer app, Intellicheck. Premium ids from Fakeyourid are known to be bypassing all of these scanning techniques.


Even without the tech, they are quickly getting on the button for catching fake ID crimes. If you get caught with a fake ID on you, expect it to get yanked out of your hands and that’ll be the least of your troubles.


The inverted mini-photo of the person & overlapping dob on the back are in ultraviolet ink. The backlit feature showcases a turtle. This is achieve using laser-perforation. Kansas and fakery have a long history and it runs alongside several different tiers. One Kansas resident could be using it to scam $500 worth of jerseys, while another will use it to create their own non-profit. To each their own, we guess.


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