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Missouri lies just a hair away from being in the center of the country. This makes it a good branching off point, meaning you can use the Missouri fake ID to head down South, to the East Coast, and even a little Westward if you wanted.


Pros of Our Missouri ID

Missouri tends to be a hot seller because it’s a good all-access pass for most Midwestern and Southern drinkers. It can also be a little hard to fake, which makes it that much more desirable when someone does it right.

Why Should You Get One?

When you shine a light on a hologram, you expect it to shine back. However, some holograms have a tendency to come off a little dull, at least on fakes. This is a big problem, especially when only one of them is dulled and the others are fine. It’s easy to use our ids to the contrast and single out the issue that way.

Polycarbonate Lined Up

A well-worn ID is expected to have a few dings and marks here and there. It’s only a problem when those marks aren’t scratches but literal printed lines running across the ID. These issues have surfaced in some budget fakes where there are lines running against the portrait.


The scannable Missouri id from Fakeyourid comes with a real id symbol, laser-engraved printing & tactile credentials.


The id uses the Guilloche technique with Polycarbonate substance. Our technicians use and print overlapping data for a more secure id.


The Missouri State Seal & year of independence with stars and other symbols are in overlay holograms.


There are no state-specific graphics with this one. The only iconic symbol is that of the state Dogwood flower which is perforated using a laser with a backlit feature.


Since law enforcement in Missouri has had an experience with fakery, they have become good at tackling it. Fake IDs don’t a get a ton of spotlight yet, but that could all change very soon. Busts do happen on the regular, and confiscation is no big deal here anymore.

Missouri IDs can be a bit restrictive when it comes to faking them. That’s why it is not uncommon to see flaws from vendors.

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  1. Ellen

    This id helped me drink my best binge-drink. The cashier scanned the back and it worked flawless.

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