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Florida is one of those states that fake ID buyers are always on the lookout for. If it’s not the users, it’s the collectors who want a set in their private stash.


Pros of Our Florida ID

Despite their popularity, Florida IDs aren’t really complicated. This gives them a fairly good pass ratio, especially when every vendor wants to make sure the popular states are done well.

Why Should You Get One?

Florida happens to be such a popular ID that you would think they would have ironed out the kinks by now. Some manage to slip through the cracks, though.

Slip Through

Florida men and women aren’t too shy for getting in the news for their zany way of life. So, why would it be different when fake IDs are involved?


The scannable Alabama id from Fakeyourid.com comes with customer identifiers in raised printing. The iconic symbols of Florida including Palms, state seal & real id star.


The Florida features laser perforation, raised numbers & inverted mini-photo window.


The state map is drawn using holes with the help of a laser-printer. Our equipment also prints the initials and DOB overlapping the person’s duplicate image.


One of the only state ids where the person’s mirror-photo is cloned as an optically variable device.


Old Florida IDs have been phased out a while ago, but some people still have them (emphasis on some). When vendors make IDs, they assume that the old template will still pass. However, it doesn’t make sense for someone in their early twenties to have a template that was gone a long time ago.

UV features on IDs are nothing new. They’ve been around for ages and they can only be seen under blacklight. However, some vendors take the cheap route and go with UV logos that show even under normal light.

1 review for Florida

  1. Loon

    Fakeyourid’s Florida id comes with the OVD Feature. The window ghost image is almost as a real license issued by the DMV. Definitely worth the bucks.

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