Wisconsin fake ID provides ample opportunity to get in touch with the great states around it. You can drop your pin at anywhere like Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, and Minnesota for that complete package of an experience.


Pros of Our Wisconsin ID

Wisconsin fake ids aren’t as popular as the 10 or so fake IDs on the top, but that’s exactly why a lot of people prefer getting them for their drinking adventures. This translates to significant sales. It’s easy to get by if you aren’t sporting a Texas or Cali ID.

Why Should You Get One?

REAL IDs introduced a bunch of different features, but even the most naïve person will tell you that the star is the most noticeable one. Wisconsin fakes do a number on this by not including it at all. If anything made it obviously clear that the ID was fake, it’d be this.

Multiple Overlay Location

Virtually every state ID has some form of microprinting on it, and Wisconsin isn’t hip enough to ditch that trend. If you are anything like the Wisconsin fake ID vendors, you’d wish it did. That’s because they tend to have microprint that looks all fuzzy and distorted like it was printed with mold.


The scannable Wisconsin id from Fakeyourid comes with a tactile driver’s license number with custom credentials. The initials curled in overlay over the ghost window feature.


We use HoloKote to laminate our Wisconsin ids with thermal technology. It enables the cards to absorb the holograms onto the stock.


Our Wisconsin ids comes with iconic symbols as the map, outline & name in UV. These appear fine under blacklight.


Our id illustrates the state symbols such as the Capitol & flag of Wisconsin using the correct color textures.


Wisconsin police are usually out there trying to get drugs off the streets. That’s not to say they don’t hold fake ID busts, but expect those to happen in the bigger cities and not the smaller towns. It’s the same deal with bars where the smaller places usually let you get by with no major issues and confiscations.

This dairy state has a well-built ID. That’s why it’s not always smooth as butter trying to replicate it accurately. Keep in mind, this is the state where a lawyer will advise you to pay bribes to clear your charges. If that doesn’t give you the complete picture, nothing else will.


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