Illinois is rife with culture, and its nightlife culture rules the roost. Experience the state’s love of food, gambling, and all other after hour delights. You can have some of the best time of your life here with a fake ID in tow.


Pros of Our Illinois ID

The state is no stranger when it comes to fake ID crime. Whether it’s used for buying cars, pretending to be a public defender, or simply just trying to pass off as good ‘ol McLovin from SuperBad.

Why Should You Get One?

A more serious flaw in Illinois fake IDs is vendors faking the holograms by…err…making them fake. These holos just happen to be a low grade printed stamp that doesn’t change its appearance based on the angle. Yikes. As it stands, no fake ID will perfectly stand up to your local bouncer. But more than a few have found a couple of flaws that practically make their ID a dud.

Filmsy Side

Faking the Illinois ID isn’t exactly rocket science, but a few vendors still manage to get it wrong. IDs from vendors with cheaper pricing have shown to be pretty thin when compared to the real thing.


The scannable Illinois id from comes with the iconic Illinois symbols such as Chicago skyline, Abraham Lincoln’s portrait in ultraviolet ink. Our hi-tech equipment prints the laser-perforation which is backlit in the shape of Illinois.


Illinois fakes tend to be pretty easy to reproduce (despite some making them wrong). That’s why they tend to be pretty reliable. Just ask people in the next state over in Iowa.


What’s more, there aren’t any super high tech elements. Apart from a hologram here or there, it’s nothing fake ID makers haven’t really seen before.


It shouldn’t be a major surprise that Illinois tops the charts for a good chunk or fake ID sales. Fact is, they’re easy to replicate, cheap to make, and high in demand. With orders coming in from neighboring states like Iowa, Kentucky, and Indiana, it’s only natural that Illinois fake IDs are prime real estate.


The state has been hands on with its fake ID busts. As early as the 90’s, they’ve been catching fake ID rings and launching programs like Operation Straight ID. Because of this, bars and clubs across the state have had to be strict with their fake ID checks. Most bouncers take at least 10 seconds examining your ID. If they find something off, they may report you right away and take your ID.


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