The DMV unveiled new designs for the West Virginia identification and driver’s licenses in 2022. The current template for sale is still valid for the next 4 to 5 years. We will be introducing the new design later this year. You can still purchase the current license with valid time of 3-4 years.

West Virginia


Buy our West Virginia fake ID to escape the cliché of the outdoors and spend time in some clubs, bars, and party scenes off the beaten path.


Pros of Our West Virginia ID

One of the bigger issues with West Virginia fakes out there is how murky and dirty they can look. This is common with a lot of cheaper fake ID vendors who don’t have their process down. You end with dirt and hair under the lamination or just murky looking colors for the print.

Why Should You Get One?

West Virginia fakes tend to be some of the most underrated around. They are simple in design, and not many bouncers see them. That’s a good formula for a fake ID that sells like hotcakes.

Out of State Choice

West Virginia isn’t too far away from places like Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, and Pennsylvania if that’s where you have your home base for partying. If you want to have a good time in its non-western neighbor known simply as Virginia, that’s an option too.


The scannable West Virginia id from Fakeyourid comes with durable Teslin which passes the bend test. Our information generating software makes digitized codes for your id using your personalized credentials.


The West Virginia id comes with a couple of barcodes which contains hidden information of the cardholder.


The overlay iconic West Virginia figures which contains silhouette and bridge. On West Virginia IDs, the height field uses a dash to separate the numbers for feet and inches. This is in contrast to other IDs that may use the apostrophe system. Our competitors manage to mess this up and make something like 5-7 look like 5’7”.


Our template is real id compliant and comes with the symbol. The back has UV features. West Virginia fakes shouldn’t take concentrated effort to fake, but if you are paying attention, you will definitely catch some outliers.


While not the lawless wild west, West Virginia does have a definitive lack of major law enforcement. After all, what could you expect from a small mountain state? Bars will be equally lax when it comes to checking and confiscating IDs. If the place doesn’t have a burly bouncer or a high-tech scanner, you are probably good.

West Virginia doesn’t often make the frontpage headlines when it comes to crimes involving faking it. That could only mean one of two things: either they’re being done well in hiding or this is potential fertile ground for anyone to do their bidding.


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