Arizona fake IDs are a hot commodity for a huge chunk of Midwestern states. It’s because a lot of Arizona dwellers tend to come from those states.


Pros of Our Arizona ID

Believe it or not, sometimes things can get a little hairy. It can get a bit literal when makers botch the lamination process and accidently slip in dirt, grit, or even hair. Vendors with cheap fakes have been known to have issues like these with Arizona fake IDs.

Why Should You Get One?

For a middle-of-the-road state, Arizona’s fake ID sales are a little more than middle of the road. You can chalk that up to a good demand from fake ID connoisseurs. This is not just from the ones that use them but also from the ones that collect them. That means big bucks for vendors.

No Room For Mistakes

Age is just a number, but it’s an important number that stops you from getting caught and put behind bars. One of the most common issues with Arizona fakes is that they have an incorrect expiry date. Usually, the state ID is supposed to expire when you hit the age of 65, but fake ID services with low-quality ids have been known to mess this up.


The scannable Arizona id from fakeyourid gives you the choice of a custom signature, driver’s license number or made up by our generating software. Your photo & data makes the Arizona template complete. We provide free duplicate of the id.


The shape of Arizona is laser embedded on the ghost photo of the license-holder’s photo.


The portrait of the person is invertly printed on the back of the id. The ink used to overlap the DOB & photo on the back is of ultraviolet stature.


The Arizona state seal, cactus & state map serve as the holographic overlay on the card’s laminate.


The microtext feature allows the DMV to make authentic Arizona ids with a slim chance of cloning by the counterfeit services. uses hi-tech equipment to print regular thin line that are actually repeating the same letters and text as comes on a real Arizona license.


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