On the outside, it may seem like Delaware is just a boring old state full of salarymen, but what you may not know is that there’s a good culture of partying here. The codeword to unlock it is “fake ID.”


Pros of Our Delaware ID

Delaware’s track record of fakes shouldn’t be too surprising. You have people like escaped convicts and boat captains sporting fakes like it’s no one’s business. You should feel right at home if you are trying to pass yourself off as someone you are not.

Why Should You Get One?

Delaware tends to be one of the best IDs if you want to cloak yourself and avoid too much attention. The IDs are so successful that even people inside Delaware have been able to use them without any major faults.

Bright Holograms

Ever known what it’s like to carry a miniature sun in your pocket? Well, you might if you have ordered a low-tier fake. Delaware fakes from other services have shown this weirdness more than once. They will have holograms so bright that they literally overshadow the details written beneath them.


The scannable Delaware id from Fakeyourid comes with the iconic symbols as a graphical representation of the state. The state flag & Capitol are drawn using microtexting technology with Holokote printers.


Some of the lettering gets so badly smudged that it looks like a bad bokeh filter. A lot of vendors claim to have had this issue worked out, but you can still spot it on some fakes. Our technicians will double-check laminated of the Delaware ids for any dirt or smudge marks.


Our modern machinery uses automated sharp edging tech to achieve flawless Delaware replica ids. The thickness & size of the signature on your id will have the exact measurements of a real id.


Our DE id comes with the waves of wind as a holographic overlay. It may also shine “DELAWARE” in letters.


Delaware isn’t a state that’s riddled with too many underaged drinkers. Most of the busts that happen out here are related to drugs, not IDs. Still, bar owners can get a little angsty if your ID doesn’t match the template 100%. Expect temperate confiscation rates. Delaware IDs get a pretty good rep for working most of the time without fail. Vendors that make them well can be limited, though, and people can be a little cautious buying them from untrusted vendors. This is why when someone manages to replicate the Delaware fake ID well, they are treated with a barrage of orders. All in all, it tends to be pretty popular when it’s in good supply.


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