How to Buy Fake ID

You can now read instructions on how to buy fake ids with us. We accept two payment options and have a separate order form for each payment option.

Step One: Calculate your total for the number of fake ids you are purchasing from the pricing table at the right.

Step Two: Choose a payment option below and go to its order form to submit your order.

Click to purchase your Fake ID using Amazon Gift cards (Available in gas stations, grocery stores, near you).

Click to purchase your Fake ID using Bitcoin.

Fill the specific form and your order is completed! You will get a confirmation message once your form is filled. You can read our FAQ section on how to order for a group or multiple fake ids.

Fake ID Pricing

1-2 IDs = $125 Per ID

3-5 IDS = $100 Per ID

6-10 IDS = $80 Per ID

11-20 IDS = $70 Per ID

21-30 IDS = $60 PER ID

30+ IDs = $50 Per ID

SSN Card = $125 Per card

You can calculate your total amount from here.

Pricing for every state ID is same.

You can select different states in a group order.

The current pricing includes standard shipping fee.

For express shipping

add extra $75 to your calculated total.