Surprisingly, all of Idaho’s run-ins with fakes have been related to monetary purposes. That means people passing off fake bills and checks to gain a quick buck. There haven’t been any major cases of fake ID uses, so you have a lot of fertile ground if you want to take a crack at it.


Pros of Our Idaho ID

One of the noticeable pros of the Idaho fake ID is that it is not a gargantuan task to replicate it. That makes it easy to get a well-made ID. Even some of the smaller vendors get it good enough, which adds to its reliability.

Why Should You Get One?

Pay bottom dollar for your fakes and you’ll be treated to something unbelievable…literally! See, some Alabama fakes out there just take artistic vision to do their colors differently from the real thing. A LOT different.

Precise Features

Does brown abbreviate to BRW, BRN, or BRO? Is black written as BLK, BLA, or BCK? On some Idaho fakes, I guess we will never know. That’s because they manage to have the wrong abbreviations to details like hair color and eye color.


The scannable Idaho id from comes with a real id symbol. The system generates six numericals & three letter driving license number for the Idaho id.


On the Idaho ID, there is a very noticeable state seal on the front of the card. Fakes manage to reproduce its look well, but where they struggle with is placement. On the ID, the seal has to be placed in a specific place above the picture, which isn’t always done well with fakes.


The Idaho state outline serve as hologram. The duplicate inverted photo on the back is inserted in the shape of the state.


The iconic Idaho state Mountain bluebird as UV feature.


Sales for Idaho fake IDs fair pretty well. They are an easy ID to get, and not many people have issues with them. There also isn’t a lot of trouble passing them off. It’s always a safe bet to get an Idaho state ID if you live in major state thoroughfares like Washington or Montana.

Despite what you may think, Idaho isn’t just full of potato farmer stereotypes. It’s a place to get down at the witching hour of an eventful evening. The best way to enjoy the night scene is with a solid fake ID on your person.


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