Alaska’s fake ID has a pretty hit ratio in a big chunk of the US. It’s the unsung hero that rarely gets to see the light of day. And that means that not many know what it actually ends up looking like. The odds tend to be in your favor.


Pros of Our Alaska ID

There are plenty of fake IDs under the sun. But not all of them deserve to be under the sun. No, literally. We’re talking UV features here. And Alaska’s ID has some pretty noticeable ones that often get messed up badly.

Why Should You Get One?

As far as fake IDs go, Alaska holds a pretty big monopoly. People that live in Alaska have no other neighboring states to get fake IDs from. Their only options are fake Canadian IDs or in state Alaskan IDs. And unless they can fake their accents too, many just opt for the latter option.

Works in Other States

In the rest of the US, they’re a good option to go under the radar. With such popularity, these IDs are very sought after by a lot of people. Fake ID vendors pretty much make bank on their Alaskan IDs.


The scannable Alaska id from Fakeyourid comes with a raise Alaska outline and bright holograms that resembles the iconic landscapes of state. The photo of the person is printed in multiple locations on the id. We give you the option to enter a 7-digit number for your driver’s license or to let our generating software make up one fo you.


The state map & text are variably printed using ultraviolet inks. These illuminate under examination of a blacklight source.


The illustration of the state mountain Denali & state animal such as Moose represent the relevant features of the state.


The tri-color whale and state flower represent the natural landscapes of Alaska.


Alaska’s enforcement isn’t too trigger happy fortunately. It’s fairly rare to see a fake ID bust. However, you can never be too careful. Bar owners are wary of the fake ID use and can report you. You won’t have to feel singled out for using our premium fake ids here. They’re used to it. Whether it’s arranging fake Alaskan fishing trips or being the most scammed state in America, duping is normal here. Go with the flow.


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