Fake ID Alabama can be in high demand for certain times of the year. Different events, concerts, and festivals encourage the nearby states to start showing their southern pride. It doesn’t take a lot of hard sweat and labor to make them look legitimate either.


Pros of Our Alabama ID

The pros of our Alabama fake IDs are pretty self-explanatory. It’s smack dab in the middle of the south close to other sizeable states. If you looking to go on a booze hoedown

Why Should You Get One?

Pay bottom dollar for your fakes and you’ll be treated to something unbelievable…literally! See, some Alabama fakes out there just take artistic vision to do their colors differently from the real thing. A LOT different.

Dyslexic Microprinting

This is an odd one you’ll find on IDs from other sellers. It’s where they try to save time and money by microprinting in batches instead of individually. As a result, they have their microprinting with a bunch of gibberish rando letters.


The scannable Alabama id from Fakeyourid comes with a real id symbol, driver’s license number generated by our system. Your provided data such as name, address, signature & photo makes the template complete.


The magnetic stripe uses the swipe technology. The license holder data is programmed into the magnetic bar & is read by swiping machines.


The Alabama state seal appears as a hologram in multiple places. It resembles the importance of state symbols on identification cards.


The iconic state building & Capitol & fine-line printing.


The Heartland of Dixie gets really weird when it comes to fakery. If it’s not a high school quarterback getting a DUI and fake ID double whammy, it’s 50 year old women using fake accounts to stifle thousands from banks. Heck, when you start seeing faked CostCo coupons, there’s not much hope left for IDs. Alabama isn’t just loaded with backwater suburbs shrouded in darkness. There are some wild hotspots to be found if you’re willing to do a little digging. You’ll find yourself swinging in no time. Just be sure to have a fake ID as your dance partner.


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