South Carolina


True to its southern stereotypes, South Carolina has seen some fake IDs being touted around. Mostly being used to buy booze or cigs.


Pros of Our South Carolina ID

South Carolina IDs are a good bet, whether you are hankering to go down to Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, or even its sister state, North Carolina. Just be sure to keep that southern drawl up.

Why Should You Get One?

Getting the right font style and color is important but so is the size. If the words look a bit bigger or smaller than they should be, that’s a cause for concern. That is the case with fakes that end up making the font look like it’s been shrinking out in the cold.

Enterprise Lamination

Bad lamination is always something that can pop out when you’re looking for discrepancies. In SC fake IDs, this happens when the lamination on the sides is too uneven. As a result, there will be a little too much on one side than the other, which can ruin things.


The scannable South Carolina id from Fakeyourid comes with a free duplicate, accurate thickness & real dimensions of a South Carolina driver’s license as issued by the DMV.


Our SC id comes with a readable code and can pass any scanner. Bigger bars and clubs will have their dedicated bouncers and staff for checking out IDs, whereas the smaller bars and speakeasies just have that one person working the drinks.


The South Carolina outline is in overlay and the laminated hologram.


The SC Capitol & palm tree are the only iconic symbols of the state with graphical features of this id.


Enforcement of drinking laws comes down to what town or city you find yourself in. The bigger towns will be used to getting duped, while the smaller town may not be. The southern hospitality isn’t just limited to daytime. When the sun goes down and the night comes to life, that’s when you will find South Carolina treating you like a proper guest with drinks, company, and raging parties.

Just because of how close it is to Florida, many people from states like Georgia buy South Carolina fakes so they can head down to the Sunshine State. With a relatively basic ID template, that means you get a decent chance at passing them off, which almost always means good sales.


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