Ohio fake IDs are preferred by a lot of people for the same reason people order plain cheese pizzas. They have a clean design that doesn’t have too much clutter. It also makes it a clever way to tell which vendors have their act together. As a result, you can see quite many sales for these IDs.


Pros of Our Ohio ID

Having an ID that can be scanned used to be a little cherry on top. Nowadays, it’s pretty much essential with so many places using them. It’s one thing for a fake not to support a specific scanner like PDF417 or BCS, but some Ohio fakes just don’t scan at all. At that point, you might as well hold up a crayon drawing saying, “I’m 21, trust me.”

Why Should You Get One?

Fakery isn’t the first thing on Ohio’s list of things to deal with. The state has got bigger fish to fry than dealing with fake IDs. You only ever hear of fakes here in the context of immigration or illegally pawning assists. Always the classics.

Lamination to the Slaughter

Lamination has always been a weak point for fake ID vendors to work out. It’s in the Ohio fakes where you can see the worst iteration of it. Ohio fake IDs from places like FYD have it so bad that the lamination shows up clearly as a separate layer and almost begs you to confiscate it.


The scannable Ohio id from Fakeyourid comes with real id in the shape of Ohio, raised DOB, ultraviolet seal in tri-color holography.


Ohio fakes are good for the more adventurous kind. They offer coverage for a weird collection of states like Detroit, West Virginia, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. The transparent window with the smaller photo of the person serves as an OVD.


Ohio ids are issued on a new material which is similar to Polycarbonate. We use Multile Layer Imaging (MLi) to replicate the real holograms of the license as used by the DMV.


The Ohio state flag & DOB of the person in multiple locations. It wouldn’t be a fake if there weren’t inconsistencies here and there, but when they outnumber the accuracies, that’s what calls for concern.


With gods, all things are possible. With fakes, even more is possible amidst the Ohio nightlife scene. Whether you are a college student looking to hit it big or just a temporary boozer, you can feel right at home here. Unless you are involved in a Mexican drug ring, the police in Ohio will probably focus very little of their attention on you (read: very little, not none.). Bartenders, on the other hand, will be watching out for anything sketchy, especially since you have a lot of interesting folk coming over from Detroit.


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