New Jersey


New Jersey fake IDs are good enough to fool even the doormen, while others can get caught by an elderly liquor store clerk. With our fakes, these signs are definitely in the latter kind.


Pros of Our New Jersey ID

If there’s ever a more useful feature for IDs in the current decade, it’s scanning. There’s no single standard when it comes to scanning. Different bars use different scanners and apps. That’s why it’s just a little weird that some New Jersey fakes would opt to be scannable for a lot of apps but not some like BCS.

Why Should You Get One?

You can never underestimate the worth of New Jersey fakes. Just the fact that you are in the tri-state area puts you in a good spot. You can easily jump from New York to Connecticut and back with a proper beer belly.

High-Resolution Printing

Getting a proper resolution is the key to making a sharp-looking fake, but fakes get tangled up by not getting their resolution standards right across the board. This means your picture, the background, state seals, and all else become a low-res blurry mess.


The scannable New Jersey id from Fakeyourid comes with a custom driving license number & signature of your choice. Our NJ ids are now real id compliant.


These IDs are used to gain access to any one of the many states in the populated urban area. That’s why it just happens to be one of the top sellers.


State emblems in multiple locations & laminated with premium sleeves.


The New Jersey Capitol in background & state map. The map repeats in ultraviolet ink with the state initials.


New Jersey has been slowly relaxing its laws for suspending licenses and issuing fines for small crimes. So, you’re not likely to get in a lot of trouble over a fake. That said, bartenders don’t take your scam of the system too kindly and are keen about parting you from your ID.

Whatever your poison is, Jersey has it all stocked to the brim. You also get all kinds of experiences, from your hole in the walls to raving clubs. Jersey isn’t really the center for fake ID crimes, but you will find a bunch of people trying to dupe cops, employers, bar owners, and even random strangers with their fakes. It’s the circle of life in these parts.


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