Fake IDs have floated around Nebraska for a long time now. Students have used them to cozy up to a tall glass of beer or get their way into a high-class club. No one is more aware of this than the bar owners in the state.


Pros of Our Nebraska ID

If you can nail the Nebraska accent, this ID can be a real treat for many. It is easy enough to pass off in neighboring states and it gives you good access to the upper and western sides of the US for any kind of party or rager.

Why Should You Get One?

Fades belong on the side of your head, not your fake IDs. Yet, some vendors have taken the liberal choice of giving their fakes snazzy haircuts. It’s more noticeable with shoddy holograms that for some reason fade left to right. It’s safe to say, that kind of fashion trend doesn’t sit well with bouncers.

Matched Textures

Color matching is a big part of getting your IDs matched up with the real thing. Nebraska fakes have had this as one of their biggest problems in the past. It’s the easiest way to get your fakes signaled out.


The scannable Nebraska id from Fakeyourid comes with a real id symbol, perforated printing to achieve real id features. The 8 digit & one letter driving license number with a custom signature of your choice.


The mixture of micro-printing, laser-engraving & tactile credentials make up for your Nebraska’s scannable id. If you have expected the Nebraska IDs to be in tip-top shape, you will be in for a real surprise with faultless fake ids.


The state name and map are in holographic overlay and laminated with these holograms.


The overall template has a background with the Capitol in downtown Nebraska.


Nebraska does have a way with catching fake ID users. It’s mostly the bar owners who corroborate with the local PD. Bars like The Brass Rail have managers who confiscate IDs to make the users make a break for it. Some bouncers will snitch to the police as soon as they see a fake in your hand. Cloaking yourself takes a bit of effort here.

Nebraska’s fake is prime real estate due to its good success rate and wide acceptability. That’s why the sales for it are so strong. It’s good enough for a wide range of folks who want to get properly drunk.


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