For all its faults, the Louisiana fake ID is surprisingly viable. It is easy to fake and very rarely botched. It is also preferred by users from the state of Texas, especially during the big state events out there.


Pros of Our Louisiana ID

Printing jobs can have their own share of troubles, depending on who’s in charge of doing them. If you go for a more “affordable” fake ID vendors, it’s not unusual to run into the problem of weird colors on top of your printed text.

Why Should You Get One?

Louisiana fakes remain popular for a few different reasons. For one, the template doesn’t pose much of a challenge. Aside from basic microprinting and one UV hologram, there’s not a lot going on this state ID. It makes it simple to fake it.

Loaded With Features

Louisiana state IDs have an almost circular pattern of yellow on the front. This serves as a backdrop for the rest of the info to sit on. The problem comes when that color tends to be a few shades too light, which sticks out prominently.


The scannable Louisiana id from Fakeyourid comes with a driver’s license number of nine digits. The iconic state Capitol & symbols make up for the state’s graphical representation.


We use a metallic magnetic stripe on the back to encode Lousiana’s specific information for the person. It maybe used to scan using different applications.


The state motto & outline are printed in ultraviolet ink. They illuminate under uv light.


The feature is unique and unveiled by the DMV to curb counterfeit ids. We replicate it using our OVD technology.


There’s a lot going on in Louisiana once you get past the swamp and the gators. You will find that the state pays homage to its love of muse, booze, and having a good time no matter where you are. That is, if you have a fake ID locked and loaded.

From New Orleans to Baton Rouge, Louisiana has its fingers sticky with fakery galore. There are always news stories floating around of different fakers getting busted for making and shipping their IDs both in state and outside of it.

There have been enough fake ID-related cases in recent years for the Louisiana cops to take notice. They are well aware of sellers who use platforms like Facebook and Instagram to sell their IDs. Getting busted isn’t too much of a reach either with bar owners and stings to catch you off your guard. What’s more, it is a prime product for the nearby states. When a big state like Texas is interested in Louisiana fake IDs, that means good business for the vendors.


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