Fake IDs aren’t really a hot-button issue in Minnesota like you would think. It’s not just generic big-name clubs or run-of-the-mill bars. You can also find neat craft places, hidden low-key bars, and generally cool places to have a little fun while you drink.


Pros of Our Minnesota ID

Minnesota IDs have two things going for them: their subtlety and their access levels. The state is surrounded by other midwestern states, which opens it up for a lot of people. Plus, the fact that it isn’t used that often gives it a substantial hit rate.

Why Should You Get One?

Material is one of the more important aspects of a good fake. If a bouncer can hold your fake in their hands and feel “right,” that’s usually a good first step. However, some Minnesota fake IDs drop the ball so hard that they have stuff like their lamination fraying at the edges.

Color Matching

Getting the right shades of a color is hard work in itself, but when you manage to use the wrong color entirely, that’s when you are begging to get caught. For some Minnesota fakes, that means substituting the blue background for a totally off-looking grey.


The scannable Minnesota id from Fakeyourid comes with a free duplicate & driving license number with 12 digits and a letter.


Ultraviolet images of the state seal followed up to the person’s photo. The laser engraving in the shape of a Blue pike.


Some parts of the license use overlay and are laminated with holograms of state id.


The overall landscape in the background indicates the natural scenery & fishing habits of Minnesota.


A state like Minnesota doesn’t see many fake IDs coming out of the woodwork. This is why the local law enforcement doesn’t have them on the tip of their agenda. They would much rather go out busting and seizing vapes than IDs. Bars kind of have the same mentality.

Minnesota is a good state if you want a fake ID hub for the greater midwestern states. If you want to get your drink on in this area without getting caught too easily, this is pretty much the solid option. It’s great for fake ID vendors who can make a lot of sales off it.

It doesn’t take a lot to fool your average Minnesota bartender. You do need a bit more effort than crayons and construction paper, though, which some fakes just don’t have.


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