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Capturing the essence of the Washington fake ID means dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s. You can hit any of the downtown dives, sports bars, concerts, or any of the countless neighborhood favorites to fulfill your need for booze.


Pros of Our Washington ID

Washington is a good choice for a lot of reasons. For one, it’s a safe bet if you are looking to hit up California. If you get the right vendor, it can be a better option inside the state as well than fakes of neighboring states like Idaho or Oregon.

Why Should You Get One?

Washington IDs aren’t hard to reproduce if you don’t count the DC ID. Of course, the flaws are never too far behind. The state is known to have some shady areas for crime to run free. Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of it in terms of fake IDs.

Robust IDs

Where fake ID vendors miss the mark is in the numbers. The driver’s license number has a zero with a slash through it just like the ones on calculators. However, on some fakes, there is just the standard zero with no lines through it.


The scannable Washington id from Fakeyourid comes with a secured background overlapping feature. Our card comes with 12 characters and “WDL” and makes up for the drivers license number. You can personalize the date of birth & signature.


The id can scan with our enhanced inventory codes. Our Washington license has a machine-readable encoded number. When it becomes unreadable even to a 3.5x lens, that’s just a recipe for disaster.


The state seal makes up for the holograms in multiple locations. We use thermal technology to laminate the Washington ids with holograms. Most low-quality fake ids follow this trend of having microprinting that reads out like an unintelligible mess even when it shouldn’t.


The optically variable device and seal on the back are the elements in ultraviolet ink. Microprint was designed to be unreadable to the naked eye.


Washington law enforcement goes after fake ID busts all the time. If you find yourself on the opposite side of a police officer, you are likely getting a misdemeanor, a suspension, or both. Bars won’t take too kindly to you either and you might get a confiscation. You might get some success with the seedier bars that won’t care as much.

Simply because of the fact that this a prime ID to use for California, the Washington fake ID sales come in hot. That’s before you count all the people who are buying these IDs for in-state use. All that practically makes this ID a done deal.

2 reviews for Washington

  1. Joseph2

    Crisp material and sharp edges make this Washington id bad ass. The pricing is a bit higher but that’s fine as long as you get this kind of quality. Very satisfied with FYD as always.

  2. Minnie

    One of the best forgery maker in the fake id market. This Washington ID has a working hologram and scans under UV light. Worked very well out of state.

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