Fake IDs from Kentucky make a lot of rounds in its neighboring states that have a healthy obsession with drinking. Not only that, but it’s not a massive headache to fake its template. Both these things mean there’s going to be some major bank for the fake vendors.


Pros of Our Kentucky ID

On a normal Kentucky state ID, you not only have your physical address on the ID, but you also have the name of the corresponding county. On most fakes, the county is printed as “Kentucky County” by default even if it doesn’t match the address on it. Dead giveaway.

Why Should You Get One?

Kentucky is a popular choice for states with major concerts and sporting events like Nashville, Illinois, and Ohio. Since plans for ID changes have been largely delayed, it is easy to pass by with the old templates.

Polycarbonate ID

The quality is not just about Kentucky ids, but it can be noticed on them the most. We use Polycarbonate unlike our competitors. They use cheaper PVC & It’s when the letters or the overall template of the ID just looks a little too warped or crooked. It gives the whole thing a cheap low-tier feel.


The scannable Kentucky id from Fakeyourid comes with a black real id symbol, iconic Kentucky graphics. The raised printing & magnified texting makes it a scannable id.


Kentucky’s motto “UNITED WE STAND” & person’s date of birth are in ultraviolet ink.


The Capitol acts as an emblem or Kinegram. It is made of a metallic material. The emblem changes color code on different viewing positions.


Our Kentucky id comes with the state seal & holographic overlay. An inverted photo of the person and dob on the back.


Kentucky fakes fly pretty low on the list of IDs that get caught. It’s only when issues like these show up that you know you’re in for it. Kentucky’s finest take fakes pretty seriously in the state. Bar and club owners take even more care to make sure they are not inviting underaged patrons or else they would incur fines, penalties, or even suspensions. Bouncers are fairly battle hardened around these parts, and confiscating a handful of IDs is the norm for them.

While Kentucky’s fried chicken alone is worth the visit, the state is a lot more enjoyable when the sun sets. With all the dance clubs, bourbon bars, comedy clubs, music venues, and live acts, you’re bound to have some fun with a fake ID in your hands.
Kentucky has been enveloped in fake ID cases in the past. It has practically seen it all by now. Just last year, there was a massive bust of 5000 fakes being sent through Kentucky’s borders.


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