Massachusetts ID

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Available options: Driver’s license and state identification.

Printing Material: The card prints on an enhanced quality material of Teslin to ensure that it passes the bending test used by bouncers as a first test to check the validity of identity card.

Validity: 5-6 years.

Template in use: The Department of Motor and Vehicles (DMV) issued a new template for this state. We also make the previous model ensuring we cover the requirements of our customers. Select ‘Massachusetts (NEW)’ for the updated template otherwise fancy ‘Massachusetts (OLD)’ for the old one.

Security Replications:

  • A Kinegram of a bird locates in the center is a new security technology in printing. It changes color with angled views and comes with the technique of an underlying picture with an intricate striped pattern and an overlay of alternating transparent and robust stripes on a sheet of clear plastic.
  • A laser-perforated state outline implants into the card background. It is viewable under any of light.
  • The cardholder’s license features such as year of birth and other initials are in raised printing leaves a smudge on the card by running your fingers on it.
  • The tactile printed year of birth and license initials comes embedded in the Kinegram and are visible to the front when a flashlight lits against the back of the license.
  • This particular template comes with various UV ink embedded illustrations in the background including three state seals which are only visible under ultraviolet light source.
  • The date of birth also prints on the top right of the back of the card.

Scannable Features:

  • The back of this identification card comes with one and two-dimensional barcodes allowing it to scan flawlessly in bars.


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The funny business of consuming alcohol in Massachusetts under a guardian at home is believed to be slightly comprehended. In short, you have to be at least 21 years old legally to sit in a bar. Minors acquire our phony id cards to get into clubs and take pleasure of the nightlife. This license has an adequate passing rate inside and out of state. As we know, the real identification act prompted many states to change the design of their licenses. The current card that we make complies with this act. Be it a graduation party, prom night or a summer divertissement celebrate unobstructed with our id cards.

The Scanning success of our Massachusetts fake id depends on a number of factors.

  • Use a confident tone while showing your identification to a bouncer.
  • We recommend that you use your real information for your fake id, in any instance, you can be asked for additional identification it is recommended to back up your forged license with a credit or debit card or even a counterfeit social security card.
  • Be it a grocery store, gas station or nightclub our ids will get you in.


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