For students, fake IDs are a must-have. What’s college life without them? It’s unimaginable, a complete nightmare, and a hellish existence. But what is the need for it? Well, it’s simple – for alcohol! It solves every problem. Just indulge in it and wave your worries .

Popularity of Fake IDs

Studying is hard and sometimes overwhelming. Thus, students deserve a break. And what better way to enjoy and relax than consuming alcohol, partying with friends and hitting the nightclubs. But there’s only one tiny problem: being underage. The legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one years, raised by the Congress through the 1984 Minimum Drinking Age Act.

The solution to this is simple and effective: fake ID cards. They are easy to acquire as well. You can borrow one from your older sibling who looks just like you, relative or from a friend of a friend. Another option is to buy it, especially online. Most illegal IDs are produced in China (we are not surprised), which can be cheap or overly expensive depending on the alterations required, but they serve the purpose.

Fake IDs were not created yesterday but have been around for decades. When it first became popular, identification was merely a paper with your name and address. Since then, modern technology has produced more complex IDs and, as a result, more sophisticated fake IDs.

But what makes using fake IDs so appealing? It’s like a forbidden fruit with thrill, especially if you are underage and missing out on all the fun and exciting off-limit hot spots, exotic bars and clubs. Faking your way to twenty-one is the best bet. A little fun alongside studying is harmless. Being able to enjoy life without nothing holding you back is a wonderful experience.

Students Buy Fake IDs with the following features

Spotting a fake card can be tricky, as new technology brings more sophisticated crafters. However, don’t get excited and cocky with your fake ID. Even with realistic-looking IDs, there are still ways to identify a fake.

  • Compare with Another ID

Compare the bogus ID with a valid one and check for similarities in thickness, coloring, size, lettering and edges. Fake IDs are usually thinner than the real ones.

  • Body Language

Watch the individual closely for nervousness, nail biting, shaking, sweating or avoidance to eye contact. Be immediately suspicious as these signs are a good giveaway.

  • Ask Questions

In case of doubt, ask questions as most people don’t provide their real name and information to obtain fake IDs. Ask their name, address, date of birth, horoscope and even to spell their last name backwards. If there’s any hesitation or stuttering, the ID is fake.

  • Physical Description

Look at the physical description of the person. Compare their eyes, ears, nose, mouth and chin. These facial features won’t change much over time, but eyebrows and hair color can change frequently. The face can also get thinner or chubbier due to weight loss/weight gain.

  • Magnifying Glass

The microprint is used as a security measure. It resembles a straight line, but when looked with a magnifying glass, words are visible. Its printing location varies in each state.

  • Blacklight

Some state ID cards have hidden security measures that are only visible under a UV light. Flash the light to see if these features are there.

The signature is printed in raised lettering, while in North Carolina, the date of birth is laser engraved. Keep these features in mind if you are in these states.

  • Grammar & Spelling

Although it sounds unbelievable, many IDs have incorrect grammar, misspelled addresses and wrong state abbreviations.

Punishments/Penalties for Fake ID Possessions

Every US state has its own legal penalties for fake ID card offences. It can result in prison sentences, fines, hours of community services or driver license suspension. Your education and future will also be jeopardized.

These are possible punishments if caught, arrested and charged with fake ID possession in some US states:

  • California

Possessing false identification can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor. The intensity of the charges depends on the facts of each case, previous criminal record and severity of offense. Misdemeanor possession can be sentenced to one-year jail time, community service, summary probation and up to $1000 fine. Felony possession can be sentenced for three years to a state prison, community service, formal probation or fines up to $10,000.

If you’re caught with a fake ID, you’ll lose your driver license for one to three years. You may also serve 24 to 32 hours of community service if alcohol is involved.

  • Florida

The possession of fake identification is a serious third-degree felony with maximum punishment up to five years in prison and $5000 fine. Giving a police officer a fake ID is a first-degree misdemeanor with one-year imprisonment and $1000 fine. Using another person’s government-issued ID card is a second- degree misdemeanor with sixty days in prison, $5000 fine and suspended driver license for a year. Lending someone your ID card is a second-degree misdemeanor.

  • Illinois

In the state of Illinois, fraudulently obtaining, using, possessing or distributing fake IDs is illegal. You can be charged with Class A misdemeanor with a year in jail and $25,000 fine.

It includes allowing someone to use your state ID, owning fictitious identification (ID card with false information), and presenting real or fake information to acquire a fake ID.

You can also be convicted with a fourth-grade felony with one to three years of imprisonment and $25,000 fine. It includes having a fraudulent ID card (not produced by a government office) and having the equipment to make state-issued ID card.

  • New York

According to New York law, fake ID possession is a form of forgery. It’s illegal to own any document that’s produced unlawfully or altered. Offenders are charged with second- or third-degree convictions.

A guilty person can face the third degree if possessing a forged ID with the intention to deceive or defraud. A third degree is a Class A misdemeanor with one year in prison.

Under Vehicle and Traffic Law, it’s illegal to purchase or sell ID cards that are fraudulent or stolen. The first offense is misdemeanor and the second is felony if committed within five years.

Fake IDs are a hit among college students. And why not? It’s a gateway to access booze and bars. The appeal of alcohol in underage students is worth it. Most of them slip away with using fake IDs, but those who get caught endure serious trouble with the law. Their educational future and possible careers are also hanging in the balance. Despite the risks involved, fake IDs are as necessary as food and water. These practices are impossible to give up. How can anyone expect such a thing?

Want to jump to twenty-one? Then do it with confidence. The key is to memorize the details on the fake ID before heading out to party. You never know what bouncers may ask, but remember if you get caught never lie to police. it never plays in your favor.

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