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At ‘‘ We convinced most of our customers with the quality of our Samples alone. We mimic the security techniques and features of the real ids to an extent where your friends or bouncer will not be able to distinguish the fake ones from the real ones. Our ids pass the following points of criteria and functions. How do you believe we are legit? If you take a closer look at all our samples. We use only one cartoon as a dummy in all our images.

The first and last name of all our id cards will match our website domain that is ‘FAKEYOURID‘ and ‘.COM‘ We ensure that our samples are not stolen so most of them have our name embossed on them. We are legit and stand among the best vendors in the market with hundreds of satisfied customers and reviews.

We pass every test in the book.
You can see our fake ids passing the bending test (Enhanced Material). We do not force our customers to purchase from us, but we acknowledge the fact that a consumer should be educated to buy a genuine replica. The embarrassment of getting caught with a fake identification card is very hard to digest. It comes with repercussions that will bother for a long time.

We import holograms and Optically variable inks from private sources. The market is full of ID makers buying cheap and inferior quality inks and other printing material, which results in a low-quality fake license. As a result, your id printing fades away in a matter of months.

Our licenses pass under ultraviolet light sources. We begin by cropping your body structure out of your photo and implanting it into our template crafted by our Professional staff. We take months with a team of several members to ensure each specified feature replicates and adequately.

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Unfathoumable Features and Scanning Elements
Each of our barcode generator system became functional after years of experience and testing. There is no room for error, and each barcode is it one or two-dimensional will complete its specified job successfully.

Our Magnetic strip helps us maintain a respectable position in the market. Many vendors have requested us to help them generate these for them. They make our ids premium, and they swipe and scan without any problems.

We update our designs from time to time to ensure they are compliant with the template looks issued by the DMV. Our licenses come with real id star and are up to date with the regulations from the Department of Motor and Vehicle.

Replicating every critical security function and its technique is an art that appropriately comprehends only at ‘FYD‘. If you visit local bars in different states, you will see a massive collection of confiscated fake identification cards. Most vendors can not afford to print and make professional novelty ids. A Fake ID Website which charges less than a hundred dollars for its licenses cannot distinguish us in the following features.

  • Optically Variable Inks (Which most of the modern versions of the DMV licenses use)
  • Fittingly Encoded 1D and 2D Dimensional codes, they will fail to pass the license credentials of the person to the scanning devices hence resulting in confiscation of your license and unwanted embarrassment.
  • Raised or Tactile Printing (New identification designs comes with this security feature).
  • Adequate License number and barcode generator.
  • UV ink and printing material that will not bend. Any fake id which prints on a low-quality material will end up failing the bending test leaving a crease in the middle of the card and your bouncer will raise eyebrows.
  • Using inferior laminate rolls.
  • Some of the new licenses come with a drop test that makes a solid sound like a CD when dropped. How do you expect a fake id website to replicate this feature with a low budget of their fakes?
  • The Brightness of the OVI/Holograms will be unequal.
  • Complex embedded patterns mostly found at new licenses like Massachusetts, Wisconsin’s new looks.
  • Microprinting or laser-engraved embedding into the card stock.