How to buy bitcoins

This is our complete guide which demonstrates different methods on how to purchase Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency and has changed the way payment systems works through out the world.

So what is Bitcoin?

Before getting into any technical definitions of Bitcoin, we must know what Cryptocurrency is. A Cryptocurrency is a form of algorithmic calculations or formulas that the computing machinery solves and then makes a portion of it. There are different and now thousands of types of Cryptocurrencies but the first one is Bitcoin and was launched in 2008-09 by a person named Satoshi Nakamoto.

How does it work? and what does it bring on the table?

Before the launch of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, you had a limited set of payment options to purchase online. For both buyers and sellers, payment options like a Credit card or Debit and Paypal is a headache especially for greyhat industries and businesses such as ours. To have a peace of mind and avoid disputes and chargebacks and huge documentation We are sellers always wanted an option where we could anonymously accept payment from customers and Bitcoin is that option of yours.

For Bitcoin, you do not need to have your personal information compromised or given to the seller. All you have to do is to create a wallet. A Bitcoin Wallet is like an account where your bitcoin is stored and you can use this account to receive and send Bitcoins to other people. Your Bitcoin wallet usually has a sending and receiving address to give it to people to receive and then send Bitcoins.

How to buy Bitcoin?

There are hundreds of methods to buy Bitcoin with ease and in seconds. We will discuss some of the easiest methods available. The first method is as easy as duck soup. There is a website named “Paxful” where you can easily buy bitcoin using hundreds of payment methods such as Bank transfer, Mobile transfer etc. You just need to sign up an account there pay the seller and once the Bitcoin is in escrow the coins will be in your Paxful Bitcoin Wallet from there you can pay anyone you want with it. Watch the Video demonstration below on how to purchase it from there.

You can even use your Debit or Credit card to purchase Bitcoin with ease. There is a Bitcoin Exchange “CoinBase” where they allow several options for you to purchase in a matter of minutes. You can watch the tutorial for that in the Video below.

You can also use Circle on your mobile and set it up in a few minutes and then pay us for your fake id purchase. We do not have any restrictions on where you buy your Bitcoin from.

Once you have purchased the required amount of Bitcoins you can browse our Bitcoin Fake ID Order Form and submit your order with us.