Google Play Fake ID Order Form

We Accept Google Play Gift Cards. You can purchase them Online using Paypal or buy them in person from retail stores. Follow your purchase in three easy steps.

Step ONE: Calculate the total amount you are to pay us from the Pricing Table on the right for the number of Fake ID Cards you are purchasing from us.

Step Two: Buy Google Play Gift cards for the same calculated amount that you will be paying us for your Fake IDs. You can Buy these Gift cards from a Convenient Store nearby or use your Paypal Account to purchase them online.

Read the instruction below to know "How to Purchase Google Play Gift Card online using Paypal or Buying them from a convenient store"

  • Purchasing in Person From Stores: These are Physical Google Play Gift Cards. Visit any Convenient store such as Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart, 7-11, Dollar General, Target, CVS Pharmacy or look for other hundreds of stores by Clicking Here for Google Play Gift Card Stores. In the store, Purchase "Google Play Gift Card(s)" for the same amount that you are to pay us. Ask them to activate the Gift card. (Note: You can load $500 maximum to a Physical Google Play Gift card. If your total exceeds 500 USD then you may have to purchase multiple Google Play Gift Cards).
  • Purchasing Online: Use your Paypal account to buy "E-Code Google Play Gift Card online" for the calculated amount in USD that you will be paying us for your fake IDs. Just visit Paypal Google Play Gift Card Page and purchase them, they will send you the Gift Card Photo and codes to your Email. You can then upload the photos of these gift cards in the order form below. (Note: Please note that you can only buy a maximum of $100 USD equivalent Google play Gift card online. So if your total exceeds $100 you may have to purchase multiple Gift cards).

Google Play Gift Cards are available in The shelves of any major retail store nearby your town. You can Locate a Store by Clicking Here to know which one is convenient and accessible near you. You can load a maximum of $500 USD to a physical Google Play Gift card purchased from a retailer. So if your total exceeds $500 USD then you may have to purchase multiple Google Play Gift cards to cover your purchase.

Here's an example of How Google Play Gift Card looks like. You may also purchase an electronic Code of this Gift Card using your Paypal account by Clicking Here. Paypal sells these gift cards but the only difference is if you buy an online version of this gift card you can avail a maximum of $100, so in that case if your purchase for fake ids exceeds $100 then you may have to purchase multiple Gift Cards. They will send you an E-mail with the Code and a photo of the Gift card(s) which then you may upload in our order form and use it for your purchase.


google play gift card google play physical gift card google play gift card
Step Three: Submit the order form below. (Submit it once if you are ordering a single fake id. In case you are ordering multiple ids or for a group then you can submit multiple order forms. You can select different states and details for each order form and person but use the same E-mail address on all the forms to indicate a group order).


  • Please enter a value between 1 and 100.
  • (Select Social Security card if ordering SSN. Otherwise, select your license state for license).
  • License Information

  • Please do not use (, or Email - Our messages are blocked by them). Use only E-mail and check your spam folder for our confirmation message.
  • You can leave it empty if you want us to generate for you.
  • You can leave it empty if you want us to generate this for you.
  • This is optional leave it empty if not required.
  • Leave it empty if not required we will generate one for you.
  • Leave it empty if not required we will generate one for you.
  • Use a white paper and a black pen for your signature. Take photo of it and upload here.
  • Specific license requirements can be mentioned here and if paying with multiple amazon gift cards mention the details here.
  • Payment Information

  • This is the scratched (16 DIGIT) Google Gift card number on the Back. For Online Google Play Gift Cards It is also the E-code (16 Digit).

    If paying with multiple codes separate them in this format. Code 1: Code 2: Code 3:
  • Upload the photo of the Google Play Gift card back after scratching it. For Online Purchased Gift Cards Upload a screenshot of the E-Gift Card. (If you are paying with multiple Gift Cards. Scratch all the backs of the Gift cards place them together. Take a photo and upload this photo in all your order forms).
  • Upload the photo of the purchase receipt of the Google Play Gift card. For Online Gift Cards Upload a screenshot of the purchase invoice.

Fake ID Pricing

1-2 IDs = $125 Per ID

3-5 IDS = $100 Per ID

6-10 IDS = $80 Per ID

11-20 IDS = $70 Per ID

21-30 IDS = $60 PER ID

30+ IDs = $50 Per ID

SSN Card = $125 Per card

You can calculate your total amount from here.

Pricing for every state ID is same.

You can select different states in a group order.

The current pricing includes standard shipping fee.

For express shipping

add extra $75 to your calculated total.


Form Submitting Instructions

  • 1. If buying multiple Fake ID cards, submit the order form multiple times. Submit one form for each person and id. Use the same E-mail address in all order forms to indicate group order and select group order each time instead of individual order type. If paying with one Google Play gift card (for multiple IDs) then, use the same gift card in all order forms.

  • 2. If your total exceeds 500 USD and paying with multiple Google Play Gift cards, place all the gift cards together, take photos of scratched backs and it's purchase receipts and use the same photos in all order forms.

  • 3. License Number, Class, Expiry date or Issue date, etc are not necessary and optional if you do not need custom ones then you can leave these empty and our system generates these for you

  • 4. Express Orders will cost you additional 75$. So make sure you add that to your total while ordering. For example you are ordering 1 ID + Express shipping your total will be $125 + 75. If you are ordering 5 Ids then your total will be $500 + 75 and so on.