Frequently Asked Questions

Click to expand any of the following FAQs. is one of the most reliable Novelty ID makers in the market. We are located outside United States and the reason is simple enough we don't want to get under jurisdiction. Buying your fake id is not easy in the internet world. There are many fraud, scam websites in the market, to find a trusted and a legitimate fake id vendor is not easy. We have been in the business for some time. We have been called 'FYD' in colleges, campuses and our main concern to ensure privacy of customer information and quick processing of your orders. Our Novelty IDs are only for legal purposes such as getting Alcohol or entering a bar because you don't have one & not for illegal purposes.

That is a very common question for anyone who orders fake id in the market. This starts when you provide us your photo along with your preferences while we do both, Custom & Random Licenses. We advise you to leave fields which are optional such as License Number, Date of Birth, Expiry date and Issue date empty. The reason for that is that most customers do not know License Format and often write wrong Numbers resulting in an ID which is not correct as per customer requirements. Our system generates random and identical numbers like a genuine ID for each field when left empty, Hence resulting in an accurate replication. More information on how we fake your ID can be found in Fake ID Example page.

Please visit Page for our pricing structure & instructions on how to purchase your fake id.

Follow these steps

1. Open this Page & locate the price table there.

2. Calculate your total for the number of IDs you want to purchase from the price table.

3. Open instructions page for one of these payment methods (1) WesternUnion (2) Amazon Gift card

4. You will find order form on each of those two payment instructions Page(s). Fill them and submit your order.

The Main aspect of how your fake ID will work for you depends on what kind of photo you provide to us.... We will give you a few instructions on how to take a proper photo for your ID

1. First of all do not look anywhere else other than the camera while taking your photo for an ID. This is one of the basic mistakes that people make.

2. Make sure your hair is even & looking properly. Do not cover your face with your hair. Eyeglasses or sunglasses are prohibited while taking your photo, This will clearly ruin your chances of having a legitimate fake ID even if we try our level best.

3. Use Direct Flash & avoid using selfie photos for your fakes. These are not intended for ID use & will make your ID look unprofessional. Make sure you include your shoulders in the photo.

4. Using a blue background is recommended, however if you take the picture in a white background we will accept that as well. You can also contact us before placing your order by sending us a photo of yourself, We most of the times adjust the background of your photo using our Photoshop team.

Standard Shipped IDs: These may take from 7 to 8 business days and are shipped using USPS. You will be provided a tracking number once your ID has been shipped. This is for any default orders without International or Express shipping.These do not include weekends.

Express Shipped IDs These will arrive within 2-3 days after you place your order. These orders are processed overnight & an extra 75$ Fee is required for rush printing & shipping by the customer. These do not include weekends.

International Shipped IDs: These will arrive within 9-10 business days depending upon your location. We use DHL for international shipping. The cost for international shipping is same as that of standard shipping i.e The total price of the ID remains same.

Yes! You may use any information you want for your license.... As long as you know what you are doing. If you have a custom requirement for let's say age, Issue date, or Expiry date and/or License number... We will do that for you. That is one of the reasons why we have left fields such as those optional. We however, Advise our customers to not use those fields if you do not have any specific requirements and/or have no knowledge of how to fill those fields. Once you leave them empty, Our system generates that information randomly with realistic numbers as the real genuine ID to complete your order.

That is no problem! We make sure your order is correct & that is why you will get a confirmation e-mail in your inbox once you submit your order form. We allow 5 hours for each order form to confirm their details if you do not reply to the confirmation message we take that as correct information. If you see that you entered some of the information is incorrect you can reply to the confirmation message asking for the required correction(s) & we will do it for you.

Yes! All our orders come with a free duplicate regardless of being group or individual orders.

Yes! We never had any problems passing our packages to customers anywhere. Our IDs are enveloped properly and disguised as documentation. The packages will go through safely & they will not even look suspicious when arrived at your home.

Yes, we provide tracking for both standard shipping & Express shipping. We will send you a tracking number once your ID has been dispatched.